21 October 2019

Within the framework of the Chinese-Russian Research Center on Atmospheric Optics, Dr. Decheng Wu has presented the report «Development and Test Results of Multi-function Airborne Raman Lidar (MARLi)» in the Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS (Tomsk, Russia) on October 18 of 2019. In this report, he told about the development of a unique airborne Raman lidar and the obtained data on characteristics of atmospheric aerosol, temperature and humidity of air.
The Chinese-Russian Research Center on Atmospheric Optics was founded in July of 2019 during the   ILRC-29 International Laser Radar Conference. The program of the Center assumes joint research, publications, and exchange of scientists. One of the IAO leading scientists, Professor A.G. Borovoi, head of the Group of Wave Dispersion Theory, is now working in Hefei, China.