Laboratory of Atmosphere Composition Climatology

headed by Prof. Boris D Belan


  • Study of long-term variations in the gas and aerosol composition of air by contact methods from ground-based and airborne platforms


Information resources

Site of the Lab contains a lot of useful information about current state of the atmosphere.


Main Results

  • A unique multilevel system for monitoring of greenhouse gases has been created at the territory of Western Siberia in cooperation with the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES, Japan),. This system meets WMO requirements on the quality of measurements.
  • A network of ground-based posts covers several climatic zones from steppe and forest-steppe at the south to northern taiga. Every post is equipped with modern equipment allowing continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide and methane concentrations, as well as all basic weather parameters.
  • To draw the complete pattern of the spatiotemporal distribution of greenhouse gases, airborne platforms based on An-30 Optic-E flying laboratory and An-2 light transport aircraft are used.
  • Laboratory has developed an original objective classification of climates in the atmospheric boundary layer based on the temperature-humidity-wind set. It allowed the applied (in interests of atmospheric optics) zoning of Western Siberia to be carried out for the first time. For each zone, local physical-statistical models were constructed. The phenomenon of formation of noncondensation aerosol clouds in the clear atmosphere and the phenomenon of circular air circulation in the Lake Baikal hollow have been discovered. An aeroclimatographic description has been given to the aerosol distribution over the territory of Russia based on results of many-year airborne sensing of the atmosphere.


  1. Pavel N Antokhin, staff scientist, PhD, phone: +7 3822 491-111 + 15-96, E-mail:
  2. Mikhail Yu Arshinov, senior staff scientist, Dr., phone: +7 3822 492-894 492-340, E-mail:
  3. Viktoriya G Arshinova, junior staff scientist, phone: +7 3822 492-894 492-340, E-mail:
  4. Boris D Belan, main staff scientist, Prof., phone: +7 3822 491-406, E-mail:
  5. Sergei B Belan, technician, E-mail:
  6. Viktor S. Buchelnikov, engineer, E-mail:
  7. Sergey A Chernikov, technician
  8. Nina V Dudorova, staff scientist, PhD, E-mail:
  9. Alena V Dyachkova, engineer
  10. Aleksandr V Fofonov, staff scientist, phone: +7 3822 492-340 , E-mail:
  11. Georgii A Ivlev, staff scientist, phone: +7 3822 492-894 , E-mail:
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  13. Artem V Kozlov, staff scientist, Dr., phone: +7 3822 492-340, E-mail:
  14. Oleg A Krasnov, senior staff scientist, Dr., phone: +7 3822 492-894 492-340, E-mail:
  15. Dmitrii A Pestunov, staff scientist, Dr., phone: +7 3822 492-340, E-mail:
  16. Ol'ga V Praslova,, E-mail:
  17. Tat'yana M Rasskazchikova,, phone: +7 3822 492-894 492-340, E-mail:
  18. Denis V Simonenkov, senior staff scientist, PhD, phone: +7 3822 492-894, E-mail:
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  20. Mikhail P Tentyukov, staff scientist, E-mail:
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