Division of Atmospheric Spectroscopy

headed by Prof. Yurii N Ponomarev


  • Experimental and theoretical investigations of rotational-vibrational molecular spectra, analysis of intramolecular interactions.
  • Theoretical and experimental investigations of the shape of spectral lines and physics of intermolecular interactions.
  • Study of molecular absorption as a dynamic climate-forming factor.
  • Compilation of spectroscopic databases and development of information systems .
  • Physics of active media and development of lasers .
  • Development of high-sensitivity laser spectrometers and devices for analytical monitoring of air and water media.

Laboratories and groups

  1. Laboratory of Atmospheric Absorption Spectroscopy
  2. Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy
  3. Laboratory of Theoretical Spectroscopy
  4. Laboratory of Quantum Electronics
  5. Group of Integrated Information Systems