International Projects


The VAMDC Project aims to be an interoperable e-infrastructure that provides the international research community with access to a broad range of atomic and molecular (A&M) data compiled within a set of A&M databases accessible through the provision of this portal and of user software. Furthermore VAMDC aims to provide A&M data providers and compilers with a large dissemination platform for their work.


International Associated Laboratory SAMIA (Absorption spectroscopy of molecules of interest in atmospheric sciences and planetology: from instrumental developments to global modelling and databases) organized by IAO (Russia) and CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes, Université de Champagne (France).

Monitoring of Greenhouse Gases over Siberia

The main objective of the Program is better understanding of the role of the terrestrial biosphere in the global cycle of greenhouse gases. Toward this end,  aircraft observations over Siberia are carried out.