Research and monitoring of the atmosphere and earth's surface

Station of satellite remote sensing data receiving

Satellite Photos

Results of daily satellite sensing of the atmosphere and the Earth surface of Western Siberia. Satellite data on the aerosol, cloudiness, ozone, reflecting properties of the Earth surface, and temperature and humidity profiles provided by the Laboratory of Optical Signals Propagation.


Aerosol Station

Aerosol Station Hourly monitoring of atmospheric parameters: Temperature, Relative humidity, Concentration of aerosol particles, Mass concentration of soot, Directional scattering coefficient in Tomsk Academic Campus.
Data provider: Laboratory of Aerosol Optics.

Complex of atmosphere monitoring

TOR Station Hourly monitoring of atmospheric parameters: Temperature, Humidity, Atmosphere pressure, Speed and direction of the wind, Solar radiation, Gamma radiation, Concetrations of CO2, CO, NO2, NO, O3, SO2, aerosol particles in Tomsk Academic Campus, near Tomsk (56°29'N, 85°04'E), and near Kireevsk (60 km to the west of Tomsk, 56°25'N, 84°04'E).
Data provider: Laboratory of Atmosphere Composition Climatology.