Laboratory of Quantum Electronics

headed by Dr. Maksim V Trigub


  • Investigation of physical processes proceeding in the active medium of metal vapor lasers and metal compound lasers in order to develop and assemble laboratory breadboards of metal vapor lasers and devices based on them for scientific research and specialized applications.

    The main goal of research is the maximal extension of the range of technical parameters of existing metal vapor lasers due to the use of new laser media and the efficient frequency conversion of laser radiation in nonlinear crystals, organic dyes, and other media.

  • Development and manufacture of a series of MILAN sealed-off copper vapor lasers.

    The cycle of theoretical and experimental studies has shown that minor additions of H2, HCl, and HBr to active media of copper vapor and copper bromide vapor lasers significantly improve their output parameters mostly due to the decrease of the prepulse electron concentration. The results obtained have formed the basis for the development of sealed-off active elements of copper bromide vapor lasers with a built-in HBr generator.

    A new generation of lasers: metal halide vapor lasers with an active thermal insulator operating in the train mode (standby mode is an important particular case) controlled by an external program. The use of the active thermal insulator has allowed the longitudinal capacitive discharge to be applied for the first time for the pumping of self-terminating metal vapor lasers. The possibility of using this pumping in compact sealed-off metal halide vapor lasers has been demonstrated.

CuBr-AT-10 laser operating in the controlled train mode (single unit, output power of 10 W)   CuBr-AT-15 copper bromide vapor laser with an active thermal insulator (output power of 15 W) with a separated power supply unit


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  17. Nikolay A Yudin, staff scientist, Dr.