Scientific activity of the Institute

 The main research areas at the Institute are as follows:
  • urgent problems of optics and laser physics including atmospheric optics and spectroscopy, optical radiation propagation through the atmosphere, study of the processes determining optical condition of the atmosphere, optoelectronic systems and technologies for investigation of environment;
  • physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere and on the Earth's surface, mechanisms of the climate formation and fluctuation including optically significant atmospheric components and processes conditioning the radiative regime and climate of the Earth.
The Institute works in accordance with the Program of basic scientific research of the state academies of sciences for 2013–2020. Research subjects of the Institute correspond to the priority areas of science, technology, and engineering in the Russian Federation, the List of Critical Technologies of the RF.
Institute accomplishes 12 research projects within the programs of basic research of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences:
Program II.10.3. Fundamental problems of atmospheric optics, including molecular spectroscopy, optical wave propagation, atmospheric correction, and remote diagnostics of environment. Coordinator: Prof. G.G. Matvienko.
  1. Project II.10.3.1. Coherent and nonlinear light structures in the atmosphere. Project leader: Prof. A.A. Zemlyanov.
  2. Project II.10.3.2. Investigation of radiation components of climate (aerosol, greenhouse gases, clouds) and atmospheric meteorological factors that determine the spatial and temporal variability in the Siberian region. Project leader: Prof. M.V. Panchenko.
  3. Project II.10.3.3. Atmospheric correction and thematic processing of incoherent images, bistatic atmospheric optical communication and inverse problems of atmospheric optics. Project leader: Prof. V.V. Belov.
  4. Project II.10.3.4. Development of laser and optical techniques for sensing of the atmosphere. Project leader: Prof. G.G. Matvienko.
  5. Project II.10.3.6. Development of methods and systems for adaptive formation of coherent beams and optical imaging in the atmosphere. Project leader: Prof. V.P. Lukin.
  6. Project II.10.3.7. Investigation of high-resolution spectra of greenhouse gases and ozone gas cycle for monitoring using spectral equipment of ground and airborne based. Project leader: Prof. V.I. Perevalov.
  7. Project II.10.3.8. Investigation of infrared nonselective absorption by gas components of the atmosphere. Project leader: Prof. I.V. Ptashnik.
  8. Project II.10.3.9. Propagation and scattering of laser radiation in randomly inhomogeneous media. Project leader: Prof. V.A. Banakh.
Program II.10.1. Modern problems of physics of superstrong laser fields, high-resolution spectroscopy. Frequency standards, optical clocks, precision optical measurements, problems of quantum and atom optics. Coordinator: Academician S.N. Bagaev.
        Project II.10.1.1. Investigation of the lasing properties of metal atoms and their compounds to create coherent light sources and precision molecular spectroscopy. Project leader: Prof. L.N. Sinitsa.
Program II.12.1. Radiophysics and acoustic methods for remote sensing of environmental objects. Coordinator: corresponding member of RAS V.L. Mironov.
        Project II.12.1.2. Development of methods and means of acoustic diagnostics of the atmospheric boundary layer. Project leader: Dr. S.L. Odintsov.
Program VIII.80.1. Substantiation of physicochemical principles to design and develop innovative products for the exploration, economic monitoring and special control. Coordinator: Prof. V.M. Gruznov.
       Project VIII.80.1.1. Development of the physical fundamentals of spectroscopic and radiometric methods of investigation of gas emissions of litho-, bio- and technosphere for environmental monitoring and special control. Project leader: Prof. Yu.N. Ponomarev.
Program II.11.2. Modern fields of laser biomedical technologies. Coordinator: Prof. A.M. Razhev.
      Project II.11.2.4. Diagnosis of state of biological objects based on laser spectroscopy. Project leader: Prof. A.M. Kabanov.
The Institute takes part in programs of the RAS Presidium and RAS divisions, as well as interdisciplinary and combined integration projects of SB RAS.
The Institute dynamically developing new research fields: femtosecond atmospheric optics, integrated (network) studies of aerosol and gas components of the atmosphere over Siberia; study of the ozone layer and UV solar radiation in Siberia on the basis of synthesis of optical, bioindicative and analytical methods, technologies of global modeling in molecular spectroscopy.