VOLNA-3 meteorological doppler acoustic radar (sodar)

Volna-3 is designed for real-time diagnostics of turbulent inhomogeneities in the atmos-pheric boundary layer and for wind velocity measurements. Data obtained can be used for pre-diction of atmospheric diffusion of gas and aerosol emissions, for needs of aviation meteorology to provide for aircraft take-off/landing, and in other fields, where real-time information about the state of the lower troposphere is needed.

Volna-3 consists of three parabolic transceiving antennas shielded by conic screens from ambient noise, an electronic system shaping sensing pulses and amplifying return signals, and a control unit based on a personal computer. The Volna-3 sodar has the sensing potential up to the height of 700-730 m, the height resolution of 12-25 m at wind measurements with the time needed for obtaining one profile from 15 to 17 s. The measured wind speed ranges from 1 to 20 m/s. The measurement accuracy is 0.2 m/s for the wind speed and 2 for the direction of the mean wind at the averaging period of 10 minutes. The overall dimensions of the antennas are 2 2 3 m. The total weight of the antenna system is up to 500 kg. The overall dimensions of the electronic unit (without computer) are 0.2 0.4 0.6 m.

The Volna-3 sodar employs original high-performance software for reconstruction of profiles of different wind flow components (horizontal, longitudinal, and cross wind, all orthogonal wind components), as well as for estimation of the intensity of turbulent temperature scintillations at the corresponding absolute calibration of the sensing system. The capabilities of the Volna-3 sodar are comparable with those of analogous-class sodars produced by METEK GmbH and Scintec GmbH (Germany), Remtech S. A. (France, USA), AeroVironment Inc. (USA), and KAIJO Corp. (Japan).

The techniques of acoustic sensing of the atmospheric boundary layer are protected by USSR inventor's certificates.

Current status - laboratory prototype. In case of serial production, the planned price for one sodar is from 15 thousand USD. Needed investment - about 200 thousand USD.

The Volna sodar was tested in various geographic (European part of Russia, Siberia, Middle Asia, Atlantic Ocean), climatic (temperature from -50°C to +40°C, humidity from 20 to 100%), and industrial (airports, production areas, shipboard, proving grounds) conditions. Sev-eral Volna sodars were purchased by environmental and research institutions. Certification of the Volna sodar was not carried out.

Proposed fields for cooperation: sales of technical documentation and know-how, sales of Volna sodars.

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